Y2M, a simplified joint-stock company registered under number 901 305 680 RCS Saint-Brieuc, with its registered office at 29 avenue du Léon, 22190 Plérin, France ("Y2M" or "we"), offers its clients, labels, and artists (the "Clients") digital marketing services in the music sector.

Clients have the option to create promotional pages called "Fanlinks."

When you visit a Fanlink, cookies and other trackers are placed on your device (computer, mobile, tablet). This cookie policy (the "Policy") describes the cookies and other trackers used and the tools available to manage them.

1. What is a cookie?

A "cookie" is a small computer file intended to collect information from your device, whether it is a computer, mobile, or tablet. We use other types of files, called "trackers," with the same purposes. All these files, regardless of their nature, will hereinafter be generically referred to as "cookies."

Cookies placed by the Fanlink publisher (here, the Client) and/or its technical providers (here, Y2M), are called "first-party cookies."

Other cookies are issued and operated by third-party companies, such as social networks, for purposes determined by these third parties. These are called "third-party cookies." These cookies provide certain functionalities (e.g., advertising, interactive content, and content sharing on social networks) via the Fanlink.

The Client and Y2M cannot access third-party cookies, just as third-party companies cannot access data contained in first-party cookies.

2. Who is responsible for the cookies issued on Fanlinks?

Cookies placed on Fanlinks are issued by two types of actors: Y2M and third-party partner companies.

a. Y2M Cookies

A Fanlink is published by a Client.

As a technical provider, we place and operate first-party cookies on behalf of the Client who publishes the Fanlink. In this context, we act as a processor, while the Client acts as the data controller.

To know the identity of the publisher of each Fanlink, you can consult the "Cookie Preferences" module displayed on each Fanlink. It is generally the artist themselves or the label representing them, depending on who has entered into a contract with us.

For more information on how Y2M processes your personal data, please read our Privacy Policy.

b. Third-party cookies placed by partners

The Client is considered a joint data controller as soon as they authorize the placement of third-party cookies on the Fanlink.

However, neither the Client nor Y2M can be responsible for subsequent processing carried out by the third-party company, involving the processing of personal data, for which said third party remains a separate data controller.

We ensure that all partners process your personal data in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and commit to implementing appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data.

3. What cookies are used and why?

Cookies are used to ensure the proper functioning and security of Fanlinks, improve your experience, and perform statistics and audience measurements.

The cookies deployed on Fanlinks are as follows:

c. Strictly necessary cookies

These cookies are essential for the proper functioning of Fanlinks and cannot be disabled. They are usually only activated in response to actions you take that constitute a request for services, such as setting your privacy preferences. You can configure your browser to block or alert you about these cookies. However, if this category of cookies is blocked, some parts of Fanlinks may not function.

Publisher Cookie Purpose Validity Period
Y2M y2m_privacy Save the user's decision to accept or refuse the placement of cookies 1 year
Y2M y2m_cookies_visited Keep the user logged in 1 year

d. Functional cookies

These cookies enable us to provide enhanced and personalized functionalities. These cookies may be installed by us or by third parties. If you do not allow these cookies, some or all of these functionalities may not work.

Publisher Cookie Purpose Validity Period
Apple as_rumid Access to Apple Music 6 months

e. Advertising partner cookies

Fanlinks use cookies from advertising partners, such as Facebook or TikTok, to establish your interest profile and be able to offer you relevant advertisements on other websites. If you do not allow these cookies, you will see less targeted advertisements that are less likely to interest you.

Publisher Cookie Purpose Validity Period
Meta _fbp Advertising cookie 1 year
Youtube VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE Provide bandwidth estimates 6 months
Youtube YSC Maintain and track interactions 6 months
TikTok _ttp Advertising cookie 1 year
Google _ga Advertising cookie 1 year

f. Analytical cookies

These cookies allow audience measurement and statistical analysis of Fanlink visits to improve their use and content.

Publisher Cookie Purpose Validity Period
PostHog ph_pc Audience analysis 1 year

4. Your cookie choices

a. Setting your preferences

Some of the cookies used do not require your consent because they are either strictly necessary for providing a service requested by you or they facilitate communication by electronic means.

However, for other types of cookies, your prior consent to the placement and/or reading of the information contained in these cookies will be necessary.

You give this consent by checking the box provided for this purpose within the "Cookie Preferences" module displayed on each Fanlink, where you will find information on the purposes of the cookies used, the possibility of opposing them, and the fact that this positive action on your part (checking the box) constitutes consent to the placement of the cookies in question on your device and to the reading of the information contained in these cookies.

You can express your choice globally or set your preferences by cookie purpose. You can change these choices at any time by clicking on "Cookie Preferences" at the bottom of each Fanlink.

When you deactivate or block cookies, browsing Fanlinks remains possible.

However, such deactivation or blocking may negatively affect the functioning of Fanlinks, for example, by preventing you from automatically logging into your personal account on a third-party platform when using a Fanlink feature related to that third-party platform.

No cookie will be installed on your device without your prior consent, except for certain cookies whose sole purpose is to allow or facilitate electronic communication or that are strictly necessary for the provision of an online communication service at your express request.

Your acceptance or refusal of cookies, regardless of the type of cookies concerned, is retained for a period of 6 months. Your consent will be requested again at the end of this 6-month period by displaying the information banner.

b. Browser settings

You can configure your browser to have cookies saved or rejected on your device, systematically, or depending on their issuer.

However, we draw your attention to the fact that configuring your browser does not exempt you from making your choice regarding the placement and reading of cookies on Fanlinks.

Browser configuration can also negatively affect your browsing experience. If you refuse the saving of technical cookies on your device or delete those already saved, you will no longer benefit from certain functionalities that are nevertheless necessary to use Fanlinks.

If applicable, we decline all responsibility for the consequences related to the degraded functioning of Fanlinks resulting from our inability to save or consult the necessary cookies for their functioning, which you would have refused or deleted.

It should be noted that each browser configuration is different. You can access its description in the help menu of your browser to learn how to change your choices.

Here are the links to the help menus of the four main browsers:

5. Contact

For any questions regarding the cookies used on Fanlinks, you can write to us at the following email address:, or directly contact the publisher of the visited Fanlink.

6. Policy Modification

We may modify this Policy to reflect changes in legislation, our services, our data processing practices, or technological advances. Depending on the type of change, we may inform you of the change by posting a notice on this page. Our use of cookies is subject to the cookie policy in effect at the time these cookies are placed.